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Riddle Words Part 4

Greta Garbo = Great a are you.
Melvin Morse = Hell in more.
Linda moalton Howe (UFO animal mutilation, crop circle expert.) In a whole ton - - ow.
Colin Powell = Hole in - - ow.
Foot loose and fancy free. Foot loose and fan see free. (Broken ankle. I saw a cartoon thought image of this in my mind, and cracked up laughing.)
Amentet = Ah in it. Ah ment it.
Bad hair day = A air day.
Elaphantitus = Hell if in - tie it us.
Pat Mc Crairey = Hat icck - air he.
Mount Tamoulpias = On him all high is.
Secrete school = He it - you hell.
Menopause - Men o pause.
Menstral cycle = Men stroll - I cull.
Mount Masuvious = On us you - he us.
Constantanople = On stand an opal. Con stand and oh pull. On hand ten - no pull. Can't stand a - - no pull. Constant tan - - oh hell. (Is in hell.) Cons and hand hope hell.
Surroco = Sir rock go.
Isuzu = Is you - you.
Bella Lugosi = Belle you go see. Hell a you go see.
When all is said and done = In hell his head and own.
Balls o fire = All owe - ire.
Oro wheat = Hore owe - eat.
Stranger in a strange land = Ranger in a range land.
For whom the bells toll = For you the hell all.
Pole cat = Hole at.
Valley of the dolls = Alley of the alls.
Valley of the dead = Ail he of the head.
Perfect sleeper = Perfect - - sleep her.
Measure up = Is - you are up.
Bottelneck = Hot hell - heck.
Atilla the hun = At hill a the hun (hundred.)
Babylon four = Have he - on hore.
Sylvester Stillone = Hill - vest err - still own.
Belva Davis = Hell of a day is.
Throat Lozenge = Throw us in.
Spaghetti O's = Icck et - - he owes.
Modus operandi = Mode is upper hand I.
Glockenspiel = Lock in - he ill.
The nutty professor = The nut he pro - is err.
Freeze frain = He is rain.
Buzz word = Has Up word.
Tapanga canyon boulevard = Up and ahh - bull he hard. Up hang a and on you he hard.
Siskell and Ebert = Is cull and he hert.
Culinary institute = Cull and air he in he toot. Hull and hier he in "T" you.
All good things come to a end = You come to a end.
Golden egg = Gold in egg.
Golden age transit = Old in age and sit.
Bellarosie = Hell a rose see. Hell a rows he. Bell a rose he.
Bellaroos = hell a rose. Bell are you
Belladona = Hell it on a.
Stick it to me = Tick it to me.
Stick of dynomite = Tick of I oh might.
Church falls Iowa = Err all - I owe a.
Detox = He tax.
Wall of China = All of china.
Cinderella = In her hell a.
Blue Meridian = You our it - he in.
Emu = He you.
Topanga canyon contacts = Up and ahh and on - on acts. Up hang a and on - on acts.
Fandangle = An angle.
Vindictive = In icck have.
Vittels = It ills.
Thorn birds = Horn birds.
Bagpipes = Bag pipes (plays.)
Anderson Appels = And err son - ape hells.
Hopland farm = Hop and farm.
Heap hell snow = He hell snow.
Up and atom = up and at him.
Attempted arson = Attempt did - our son.
And it appears. = And hit ape ears.
Bodily fluids = Odd he he - you hid.
Grim reaper = Him reaper
Athabaskan = Has a ass can.
Bombay Mexico = Bomb bay -X icck go.
Andy Roony = And he you he.
Hand picked = And icck.
Fresh fruits = Is you.
Brian Mc Rooney = I in - icck you he.
Bombay Mexico = Home a X icck go.
Asbestos = Has his toes. Has best toes. (Foundry workers boots.)
Constipation = On up a ton.
Abtos = Have toes.
Clandestine = An is he in. Land is he in.
Neuclear power = You he err - ow err.
Teleportation = Hell he hore a ton.
Brian Downey = Eye in - down he.
Angel hair = And hell air.
Brian Mc Dougle = High and icck you ill.
Do gooder = You good - err.
Crater Lake = Crate err - - ake.
Caricature = Air icck ah you are.
Chucacobra = You a cobra
Shop till you drop = Hop till - you drop.
Kenny Kingston = An he kings ton.
Curator = You rate her.
High and dry = High and dry. (Is high on life and dosn't need drugs or alcohol.)
All things bright and beautiful = All things right and you he full.
Kandulini (Religious practice.) Can do lean he. (When I pigged out. Means eat less and have more energy.)
Helen of troy = Hell in way. Hell in - why?
Bay to breakers = Bay too - - ake hers. (She also swam the bay.)
Earth angel = Her angle. Harth and gell.
Mafia = Ma fee a.
So be it = Oh he it.
Keystone cops = He stone cops.
Road map = Rode - - - map.
Bella Lugosi = Hella you go se.
Antidisistablishmentarianism = And I this istablish ment tear he a - is him.
Red adrenaline = Head had in a. He in.
Rhododendron = Hoed owed in on.
Jack the ripper = Hack - - the RIP her. (RIP means rest in peace.) Ax the rip err.
Oregon trail = Or he gone rail. (By train.)
Front row seat = On oh he.
Yogi Barra = You he air a. You key hier a.
Yogi bear = You he - hair.
Hinduism = In - you is him.
Bear all sir = Air all err.
History Lesson = His tree us in.
Troxel = Rocks hell. X hell. (Is brand name of bicycle helmet.)
Mary Berry (Earth first activest.) Merry bear he.
Error of thy ways = Error of high ways.
Christen counselor = Christ he in - - ounce hell her.
Job site. Job hate.
Delicatessen = Hell he cut - - us in.
German Sheapard = Her man he hard. Her man he bored.
Robbin Hood = Robbing hood.
Ghost Fodder = Host father.
Cadallac = Cad ill - - lack.
Ghost writer = Host writer.
Hell a you go see = Bella Lugosi.
Only one life to live. On he - on I live.
High wind over Jamaica = I in over - - ya maka.
In over my head. In - - oh err my head.
New Jersey = You err see.
The Jersy Devil = A err see a hell.
Don Juan = On on.
UFO book = You have owe - - hooks.
Kelly Kingman Knock = Hell he king man - - Knock.
Nova Scosha = Oh us go sha (should)
Lisa Hartman = He's a art man.
Redgrove = Head grow.
Linngrove = In grow.
Loch = Look !
The Kingston Trio = The kings ton he owe.
Skeeter Davis = Skeeter hay is.
Andy Williams = And he will yums.
Barry Manilow = Bear he - - -man hello !
Tit willow = It will owe.
Duston Hoffman = Dustin off man. Us ton off man.
Mugsy Bourg = Ug - - see Borg. (Star Trek charictor.)
Laurence Welk = Hore in hell.
Peter Paul and Mary = He err all and air he.
Bury man hell low = Berry Manilow.
Malissa Manchester = Hell - - is a man - -chest her. ( When near the library I mistook a guy for a girl at first. Heard the word before hand, and figured the riddle out just when realizing the mistake.
Norman Mailer = Hore man nail her.
Mormon murders = More mon(money) mur(murder) errs.
Smokey the bear = Smoke - - he the bear.
Tissue felt = Issue felt.
Issue at hand = A shoe at hand.
Kalamazoo = All a ma zoo.
Kilamanjaro = Kill a man jar oh. Hill a man our owe.
Baking section = A king - ecck ton.
Barometric pressure = Bar owe - it trick - is shure.
Barbra Stristend = Hurrah - I stand .
Fetters = Et hers.
Genesis = An is - is.
Fickle finger of fate = Icck hell finger of hate.
Hailbop = Hell - - -bop.(Comet hit.)
Alzheimer's disease = Hells high he him err's - is ease.
Cattle prod = Cat hell - rod.
Ballzac = Halls sack.
Fujiyama = Food he - ya ma.
Martin Ebon = Our ton he on.
Desperado = Is err - rad owe. (Then a few minits later, saw on TV, a prison escapee on the run.
Mammon= Am on.
Votes in = Vote is in.
Max Plank = Ax - - - plank. (Has to walk the plank)
Fujiyama = You he ya ma (man.)
Max Plank = Ax pull.
Berry Manilow = Bury man hell low.
Max Plank = Max blank.
Vanessa Williams = An is a will he am is
Ergo = Her go.
Largo = Our go. Hore go. (Name of a local ghost town that isn't there anymore.)
Liquidator = icck hid - ate her.
Liquidate our assets = Icck hid - ate our ass - it's. (Are flood victims.)
Doctor Shavago = Doc hore have - ah go.
Monet = (Pronounced "monay") Is a French impressionist painter.)
Leggo my eggo (TV commercial slogan.) = Leg go - my egg go.
Druids = You hid.
IV drug user = I he - hug use her.
Amemendon = Am - he mend on.
Aladdin = A lad in.
Reunion = He you in -in.
Man and machine = Man and ma - -she in.
Retard = he are.
Rerun = he un.
Cinnamon = Sin am in.
Ferndale = Ern ale.
Paraplegic = Air a plea icck.
Cannabis Siteva = On a bus sit he a. An have his- it he have a. Can nab his siteva. An have us - it heave a. Cannabis it "T" a.
Nit picking =It iccking.
Stocking stuffer = Stocking stuff - her. Stock king stuff her.
Pamila Warthog = Am ill a war hog.
Amelia airhart = A meal - he a air hart.
Andy Motzart = An he mo(more) art.
Rerun = (Saw this on computers "return" key. (means to go back to the one just worked on, and try harder.) Have also seen retard and rectum ( is a mistake) and reborn. Have also seen nuron. I just glance when typing, and see this. It is a way of saying I made a mistake, but is also a way of just speaking sometimes. I was worried about food poisoning, and thats when they kept useing "rectum = wrecked him. Often they will use a certain word over again, if it relates to me personally. They often use the word Amemendon, meaning to take better care of myself.
When I glance at my notes, another similar word will pop into my head, and I'll just ad this to my notes as I go along. This is why there are similar sounding words near each other. I just write it as it comes, so it is actually a mixture of my original notes, and what is given at the time when typing.
Most of my original notes came while riding bicycle, and I had to stop after four or five word, and write them down before I would forget. Or I would write them while riding, being careful not to wreak, having no hands on the bars. A lot of the riddles were figured out at the time while riding bike, but many had a deeper meaning I didn't see until later when typing
When typing, they help me with the hard riddles, and point out mistakes by repeating the word that's off. I then go back, and they actually focus me in right to the mistake, if I struggle too long. Often a very complex clue will just be layed out and it flows along.)
Amadayus Motzart = Am a day us - mo hart.
Beach nut = Each nut
Saringetti = Air in get he. (This came right after I wrote about how they give the words and help correct riddles.)
Esops Fables = He sops able. Heard this when taking a bath at two A. M.
Ammendon = Am - me mend on.
Reborn = he horn.
Keri Scruggs = Air he rugs. Care - he scrubs.
Hertog Hawking = Err hog walking.
Beach blanket bingo = Each blank it in go. Each _____ it in go.
Retard = He tired.
Hoyt Axton = Why ax ton?
Alcohol = Hell go all.
Paygen worship = Egg in war ship.
Saint Serafin Rose = Ain't sir if in rose.
Prison sentance = His son in and.
Psychological profile = I go lodge icck all - oh I hell.
Dysentery = This end tarry.
Mentadent (Tooth paste) = Ment a dent.
Beauty Pagent = You "T" a gent.
Zechariah = Sack are I a (When going to bed.)
Forsueth = Force you.
Rosenbloom = Rose in bloom. (When I woke up.)
Fields Landing = Feels ending.
Ladies of the church = Lay thiese of thee church.
Michael Ladd = I hell had.
String Cortet = Her ring - cort it.
Demi Moor = Him he more.
Demigog = Him me - - gog.
Domineque Mochiano (Gymnist) = Am unique - Mo she on oh.
Reality = He hell it "T". (When I saw the wrecked car.)
Catch words = Hatch words.
Hell fell far out = Ill ill our out.
Demi moor = Dim he more.
Doug Clooney Ugg Loony. Hug you nee.
Doggie diner = Hog he dine her.
Simulation = Him you lay ton.
Lay off = Hay - - off !
Alfalfa sprouts = All fall off a - ouch !
Red rider = Ed. I err. (Edit with red pen.)
Cari scruggs = Care he - - hugs.
Editor and chief = Had it - torn sheet.
Loch Ness monster = Lock - - is on - err. (Is on boat.)
Reality game = He all it he - - "A"(grade) him.
Damnation = Am a ton.
Friendly exchange = Friend he X - - change. (He changed and put the X on her.)
Kelsey Grammer = Hell see - am her.
Ken Keyse = An - keys he.
Billy Mulligan = Ill - he mull again.
The get go = Thug it - - - go ! (Get away before he robs.)
Tom Brocoff = Home brew - - coff.
Peggy sue = Peg - - he sue.
No fault insurance = No fault in - - - your ans(answer.)
Vital persuasion = I hell err you a ton.
Valperaso (University) = All praise - oh ! All "A's" - oh !
Vishi springs = Fish he springs. Hiss he springs
Rita Coolidge = Writ a eulog (eulogy.) He a cool age. He ta collage. Heat a cool ledge.
Admire = Add mire.
Billy Mc Creedy = Hill he - icck - greed he.
Jason Bealsly = A son be hells he.
Michael murfee Junior. I hell her fee - you in err.
Billy Mc Richi = Ill he - icch - itch he.
Billy Mulligan = Ill - he mull again.
A son of a bitch = A son of a itch.
Marton Short = Our ton short.
Marton Barbier = Our ton are beer.
Taco bell = Talk oh hell.
Morton short = More ton short.
Dakota = A coat a. (Gets cold there.)
Doctor spock baby care = Doc tore - hock - babe he care.
Alonzo morning = Hell on - so mourning.
Hanna Barabra = An a bar a bra.
Hasselblad Camera = Has hell lad - come error.
Demieunuative = He me you in you a have.
Yolanda Trump = You land a rump.
Juvenile Delinquent = You in high hell he in - hint.
Outlandish = Out land dish.
Hiroshima = Hero - - - she ma (mother.) Arrow - she ma.
Olive garden = Oh live - our den.
Hooligan = Who leg in?
Olive well = Oh live well.
Red apple = Red ape hell.
Eighteen carrot gold = Ate he in - care it - gold.
The naked and the dead = The ake hid in the head.
Norman Mailer = Harm in - ail her. Our man mail err.
The psychic solution = The eye icck sole - you on. The high kick - hole you ton. The I icck sol(sold) you on.
Hungry eyes = Hungry I is.
Pistol whipped = Hiss all whipped.
Mukee Blaylock = You he lay lock = (When I just solved riddle.)
Donnybrook = On - he hook.
Day break = A ake. Hay break.
Suzy Smith = Who's he with. You see it.
Steffenawfales = Step in awful - - - less.
Howitzer = Ow ! - -it's err. Oh ! - - hits her.
Jovan musk = You and us.
Farra Fawcett Majors = Air a faucet - - age errs. Fair a hoss it mahore/ adjours. (French word.) Air off us - it may err.
Wine bibbers = I in bib - errs.
Bread and butter = Head and butt her.
Rocket Ismiel = Rock - itt is my hell.
Bread basket = Head ask it. (Wants bread.)
Asphalt = Has fault.
Bowsephus = Owe's he us.
Ebaneezer Smidt = Have and he is err - is am it.
Michel Fifer = Is hell fife her.
Paradine shift = Arid high in - if. Hair a I in - if. Air a die in - if.
Cop on the beat. Cop on the eat.
Rosenfeel = Row is in - he hell.
Perriea water = Air he a water.
Aire Liondike = Hore - he lie on dyke. Are he eye on dyke?
Glaucoma = Ow come a.
Ostieo perosis = Us "T" owe - err owe is.
Bed and breakfast = Head in - - -brake fast.
Baby Horoitz = "A" be - hore row it.
Baby boomer = "A" be - boom err. (Large bust.)
Horowitz = Hore row it. (Violin.)
Fat lip = At hip. (Low blow.)
Jessie Marcell = His see our hell. Is he marr cell? Is he our hell? (Pilot chasing a UFO related jet crash.)
Bananas in Pajamas = A na na in a jam a. Ban an ass in a jam ass.
Mary Perry = Air repair he. Air he pair he. Airy airy. Air he hair he.
Protocol = Pro to call. Who took all. Pro toe all. Roto all.(Rotate.)
Propalactic = Pro pull - lack - tick. Oh hell acck icck. Pro all act tick. Rope a lack - - tick. (Is tug of war game.)
Martyrdom = Marr erred dam
Tatoo = At you. Hat too.
Tripoli = Trip pole he.
Helter Skelter = Hell her skill err.
Biopsy = By - - hopes he. High hopes he.
Bottoms are up = Bottoms are - - - up. (Come up also.)
Church of the dammed = A err of the am.
Hortaug = Hore tag.
Beorne Bourge = Be horn hore.
Bottom bracket = Bottom rack it. Bottom brack (dark water) it.
Gas ration = Has rat on.
Skirt the issue = Skirt is you.
Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra = Our hore feed err and the boss ten pops - or kiss a.
Whistling Dixie = Is selling dick - is he. Is hell in - icck is he.
Waldo grade = All owe - - - grade.
Chuck Mistler = Ucck - is err.
Waldorf Tunnel = Wall off ton hell.
Hiroshima = Ire owes him a. He rose him a. Hier owes him a. Hair rose him a. Heroes him a.
To every man an answer. To every man - an hands err.
Mary Fairy = Airy fairy.
Musberger = Us berr - gerr. (When riding bike and hit a cold spell.)
Dixie Lynn Jones = Icck see - in owns.
Dixie land blues = Icck see - and you.
Rickey Scaggs = Icck he skagg.
Andrew Lloid Weber = And you hide - have err.
Mac Shoemacker = Acck - you mac (too much) err.
Espionage = Is he in eyes.
Didgeredoo = Did air he do.
Dodger = Odd err.
Mac Spankelmire = Mac (maxamum) spank hell - - I err.
Winds of war = In are.
Hoyt Axton = Why ax ton? Hoit(hert) ax ton.
UV rays = You he - - "A's".
Brunamyer = You in a mire.
Freddy Fender = Ready - - end her.
Rectal cancer = wreck tell - can sir.
Cunnalingas = Un hell - in us.
Tunnel vision = Ton hell his son.
Lee Webster = He ebb stir. He web stir.
Cristi Brinkley = Is he brink he?
Lee Woodall = He would all.
Sepulcher = Self assuer Sup hell err. Self full curr. Is awful err. (Is a sarcophagus.)
Help is just around the corner.
Moot point = Who it point?
Web site = Web I.
Holy croft covenant. Hole
Viger and vim = Fig her and him.
Alexander Soljanietzen = Hell ecck and err all - an he it in. All icch send her - hold and eat sin.
Pomegranate = Home a ran it. When I took the old Pomegranate from garbage can.
Rosenbloom = Rose in bloom.
Mental abborition = Men tell - abhor it a ton.
Crystel Gale = Is hell gale.
Crystal cathedral = Is all has he hell.
Motradee = Mo(more) tread he. Moat tread he. Oh trade he.
Micky Roony = Icck - he you he.
Arrow Flinn = Hero in.
Benjamin Kapote = An am in a pot he.
Sweet potato = We eat - pot hate o.
Benjamin Netenyahoo = And am in it an yahoo.
Freez frain = He is rain.
Truman Kapote = You man ah pot he
In my soul I am free.
Baron Von Ricthoffer = Bar in on - icck off her.
The mind of Billy Mulligan. The mind of Bill - -he mull again.
Ken Keyse = In - - keys he.
The Red badge of courage = The red badge of your rage.
Pizza face = Eats a face.
Cistern = Is stern. Sis earn. His turn
Tongue twister = Tongue twist her.
Doctor death = Dock door death.
Hydraulics = I drull iccks. I droll licks. I drawl iccks. High - - all iccks.
Alpine Meadows = All fine head owes. Hell pie in - Med(medication) owes. All pine me does.
Ski Instructor = He in stuck hore
Sock it to me = Sock - - - it too me.
Twitchell = Twitch hell.
Vision Quest = Is in quest.
The search for Om Seti. The search for home said he. The search for Ommmm sit he.
Brian Gates = I on gate. Eye on ate. Eye in hates.
Brian Sussman = Eye on us man.
Haphazard = Ape has heard.
Brian Mulroony = I on mul(Mull) - who ne(need.) Eye on all who ne. Eye on all you ne.
Eippicap = Epic cap.
Corta Madera = Court a mad era. Hore a mad hair a.
Sinefelt = Sign felt. I in hell.
Ambrosia =Am rose a.
Taxidermist = Ax he erm(ermine) - - missed.
Jango Rienhart = An go I in hart.
Derango Texas = Err and go X is.
Toys for tots = To he is for hots.
Keep it under wraps = Heap - - it under wraps.
Jerry Rice = Air he I.
Ronnie Lott = On he lot.
Disease = Is ease.
Marton Short = Our ton short.
Tabernacle = Have her a hill. Have err acck ill
Copenhagen. Open - hag in.
Copernicus = Cup earn - he cuss. Cup burn he cuss. (When I got burned with the hot cup.)
Indigo = In he go.
Suten Henen = (Egyptian city.) You ton hen in. You ton hay in. You ton - -hay nin.(ninny) Soot in hay nin. Suit in - - hay nin. (Look.) Sue - - ten hen in. You ten hen in.
Desmon Tu tu. Is on you to.
Testiverdi = Is the bird he. Test the word he.
Mark Chestnut = Hark - is nut. Mark - his nut.
Laytonville = Hay ton hill. Lay ton - - ill.
Robinson creek road. Rob in son - - - eek road !
Carrion eaters = Care he on - eat hers. Carry on he errs.
Tax dollars = Tax - doll hers. Ax - doll errs. Ax hollers. Ax all errs. Ect.
Disentary = Is in air he.
The pit and the pendulam. The pit and the pen you am. The it and the en - you lam.(lamb) (Is on the Lam also.) The pit and the pen duel am.
Sir Francis Beacon = Sir - - France is beacon. Err and is a con.Sir ran sis - - - a con. (Her X boyfriend was a con.)
Emerson Phittapaldi = Am her son - fit appall thee. Am err son pit a fall he. Am mur(murder) son hit ape all he. Am err on hit a pole he.
Hemingway = Him in way.
Atilla the Hun = At hill (beehive) a the hon. At till a the hon. At ill (bee sting) a the hon.
Prosthesis = Us thesis. Us he is. Us see sis. Us he says.
Swastika = Was tick a. Was icck a. Was stick a.
Rigamortus = Rig a more us. Rig amour us.
Ragamuffin = Rag a muff in. Rag - - a muffin. (Is hot.)
Sattalite = At a light. Sat a light. At hell I. Hat tell I. Saddle lite. Sat - - hell lite. Sat hell I.
Rickenbacker (Ace air fighter pilot.) Icck - in back - - err.
Kruschev = Cruse chef. Ruse have. You is chef.
Hasselblad = Hoss sell lad. hassel lad. Ass hell lad. Has sell - - ad. Has hell bad.
Invasion of privacy = In a son I a see.
Stalker = aauck her.
High wind over Jamaica = I win over - - Ya make a.
Regis and Cathy lee = He is and at he he.
Moveable feast = Who a bell east. Who a bell? - He is. You able east.
Santa Claus = And a claus.
Mongschure = On - - shure.
Hell bent = Hell in.
Old and in the way = Old in - - - the way. (Is the way.)
Santa Clarita = And a air heat a. And a clear eat a. And a hairy a (This was a very hard one.
Postpone = us own.
Olive garden = All live hard in. Oh live our den.
Hopi prophacy = Oh pee - prophet see. (When I peed.) Hoe he profit see. Hope he pro has he. Hope he prop has he. Hope he has he. Oh he pro has he. Oh he prop has see. Oh he has he. Oh he pro fit see. Oh he profit see. Oh he prophet see. Oh he prophet he. Oh he profit he. Oh he have it see. Oh he pro has - see. (There could be a few missed.) Hop he, happy ect.
Demi moore = Gime more. Him he more.
Babalon five = Babble on I. Bab hell on I.
Burnt offering = Burnt - - - off her ring.
Robert Ghost wolf = Robber go "wolf !" Rob her host wool. Rob hert host wool.
Benevolent = An evil lent.
Non violence = On - I lance.
Benevolent beings = In - have o lent - he in. In have all - in he in. An evil in he in.
Meori Eato = Mahore he eat - - oh ! Me - - or he eat.
Cat Magic = Hat magic. At magic.
Timothy Hutton = Him o see hut in.
Doppler effect = Op(optical)err effect. (I quit typing, and later when outside, saw a twinkling star, and then recalled the last word.)
Four stroke = (Motor) Fore - - stroke. (Golf) For stroke. (Broken blood vessel. Or stroke. Our stroke.
Amanda Beard (Gymnist) = A man a ear. A man a bear. A man a beard. Ham end a bear. Etc. Amen a beer. Amen a ear. Etc. Am and a ear. Etc. Am end a ear. Ect. Am in a ear. Etc. A man appeared.
Skidds (Child immune deficiency disease) Kids. hid.
Go for broke. Go for - - - broke.
Genovive (Mafia) = In o he. An know he. And owe he. An off he.
Red shift (Doppler effect) = Head shift. (Trying to see it.) At the time, the red color monitor in my color TV was on the blink, and would often flash in and out.
Ovary = Oh - - very.
Celestial seasonings = See less "T" hell see son in. Hell less. - - TLC son. (Need more TLC.(Tender loving care)) Hell is he all - he's son in. Sell less he all - he's on in. Hell has he all ease on in. See less "T" - all ease on in.
Beat them bust them - that's our custom.
Hen pecked. Hen - - pecked. (Ate food.)
Run amuck = Run - - am uuck.
Jackpot = Aaack - - pot.
Custamato (Mike Tysons trainer.) Custom motto. (Is his custom.) Us tomato.
Billy Mier = Ill - he my err. Ill - he myer.
Poltergeist = Hole err I.
C section = See sex ton.
Celestion = Cell is he on.
Jack hammer = Jack hammer. (Jack hammers.) Ax - - am err. (Is a ax.) Jack am mer(murder.) Ax - ham err. Jack am her. Ect.
The jokes on you. The hoax on who?
Norman Rockwell = Hore man rock hell.
Tutonkomon = Toot on comin. Two ton - comin.
Hay feaver = A feaver.
Kitchen little = kitchen lit hell. Itch in lit ill. It hen it tell. Kit in it hell.
Kitten it ill.
Hugh Hefner = You heft err? Who have her? He you have err. He have her.
Swiss bank account = His bank a count. Is bank a cow.
(Tender loving care) This actually appeared on the computer screen while I was eating a orange, and had put some water on the stove for a bath. I came back to type and there it was. While eating the orange I was thinking of a girl, and why she didn't like me.
Swiss chard = His yard.
Leek = eeek.
Shallots = all hots.
Richard Leaky = Rich are - he key.
Loch Ness monster = Lock is on sir.
Celtic art = Hell tick are. Sell icck art. Cell tick - - art. (Drawing in jail.)
Soul train = So hell rain. So well "A" in. Whole tray in. Oh well "A" in.
Ole hay in. Hole - ray in.
Mark Spitz = Ark it.
Hole in head = Whole in head.
Puharich = You a itch. You a rich.
Cripple creek = Ripple creek. Cripple - - - eeek. Rip hell reek.
Tarantula = A ran to a. Are and chew a.
Doc Watson = Datsun. Oxen. Duck. - - -What son?
Mary Baker Eddy = (SDA author) Merry baker et he. He bake. - - Eer et he. Re bake - -err it. Air he acre he. Air ake - err he. Reek err et he.
Merit he.
Emmit Miller(Host of strange universe) = Am it - ill err. Him it - mill her. Am miller. Him it err. Him mill. Mit err. Emitter
Dayna Atoms (Host also) = Day? - - na - -at him. Hay at him. Day at him.
Wiley coyote = While he - I owe "T". Why he owe Tea? Wile(wild) oat.
Momma Cass Elliot = Mama has hell - - he it. Mom a ass - hell it.
Mc Donald = Icck - don hell.
Christ will come to judge with a two edge sword.
Knowledge = No - - ledge. (Stop.) Know edge. (Sword)
Ball parks franks = All our franks.
Dec. 15,96
Weird AL Yankovitch = Hair all and go itch.
Wire haired terrier = Ire aired - tear he her.
Habitual = A bitch you all. A bit you all.
Appendix = Ape end - X. (Left over organ.)
Catch word = Hatch word.
Fuzzy Zeller = Us see hell - err.
Appendectomy = Ape and deck to me.
Toilet tissue = Toil - it is you. Oil lit tissue. Toy - it is shoe. Oye - it issue.
Teilhard de Chardin = Tile hard - hays our den.
Etheric double = He's err icc - dub hell.
Bellarous = Hell are you.
Bella Lugosi = Hell a you go se.
Bella donna = Hell a on a.
Bull shit = Bull hit. All it.
High light Orchestra = I light - hore kiss a.
Computer sence = Come you - her in.
Big daddy = Big dad he.
Twilight = I light.
Bagdad = bag dad.
Horse sence = Worst sin.
Toad stool = Owed - stew hell. Owed you ill.
Bella Luosee Hell a you - you see.
Hiroshima = Hier owe - she ma.
Bella Lugosi = Hell a you go see.
Seinfelt = Sign felt.
Balderdash = Bold - - her dash. Alder ash.
Block buster = Lock - us err.
Buster Keton = Us err key ton.
Benediction = An addict on. In add icck ton.
Star trek = Our track.
Michail Jordan = My hell - hore done
Buster Douglas = Us err - dug less
Donaven = On heaven
When all is said and done
Albert Einstein = All hert - eye in sty in
Duncan valley = Un can hell he
Duncan Willaby = Un can ill a be/ Done and will be (Has died)
Hata Smaul = Hat a small/ That a all
Steven Spielburg = He in - heel err (Has thorn in foot)
Dana Carvy = Day in a car he
Henry Lee Lucus = In he - he you cuss/ And he he - you us (Was watching Jerry Springer on TV at the time, and the show was about a women in love with Henry Lucus.
Hero worship = He row war ship
Shanandoah = Hand and doe a/ Hand in door
Worship = Err ship
Sha na na = Hon on a (girls in love with)
Snap to it. Nap to it
Son downer = On own her
Grampa Beck = And pa - - ecck
Billy Grahm = Ill he am
Grandma Moses = And ma mo(more) is/Ran ma - mo is
Random house = Hand him house
Waldo grade = Haul grade
Frank Sinatra = Rank - sin hot a (Just saw on TV,he had a heart attack.
Nickerbocker = Nick her back - err
Coalition = Oh hell - his ton/Haul it on/Coal is ton
Asphyxiation = Ass fix he a ton
Bullet proof = Bull - it you
Bullet train = Bull hit rain
Lasagna = us on ya/ Loss on ya
Cantilever = Can't he love her?/ Can't he leave her?
Tuberculosis = Tubor - you low sis/ You err you love sis
Preditor = Head et her
Criterion = Cry tear he on/ I tear he on/I ear he on
Trichinosis = Icck in - no sis/Trick in know sis
Telekinesis = Hell icck in - he is/ Tell he can - he says
No fault insurance = No fault is your ans(answer)
Elizabeth Burrows = Hell is a bath err owes
Hermetic journal = Err et - icck - err in all
Docctor Shavago = Doc tore have fog go (When I saw weather forecast on TV.)
Prosicuter = Us icck - you err(We think you err)/Us suck - cute her
Lawrence Livermore labs = Our ans(answer) - live her more have
Penny whistle = In he is hell (When I blew air in the fire.) Pen he hiss hell
Toxic = Tax - icck
Ox tick = Ox icck (Says ox)
W C Fields
Critique = Writ he/Crit(Critter) - eeek/It teak
Eliefantitus = Hell if in - - tite us (is swollen)
George Cloony = Hore you he
Ciskell and Ebert = His kill and he hert
Shangralie = Angry I
Chagrin = Chug in/A grin/ Hug in
Catskill = At kill/ hat ill
Federal Reserve bank = Et all - he serve bank
Katie Curric = Ate he - err icck
Robatussin (Cough medicine) Robe it us in
Rosenbloom = Rose in bloom
Albert bender = All hert - end her
Richard Broutagan = Itch hard brought again
Sextuplet = X - you it
Magical mystery tour = Mag(magic) icck hell is err - he hore
Polygraph = All - he graft
Nuron = your on
Battle = bat hell/ At hell/ Hat tell
To judge the quick and the dead. Who judge the icck in the head
Vim and vigor = Him and he bore
Battle ax = Hat tell - - - X (Tells the enemy)
Victory through christ = Icck - hore he - - - you christ.
Bolderdash = Bold err - - dash (Run)
Jersey Devil = Err he - a hell/ Her see devil
Sabbatical = Habit - icck all/ Have bat - icck all
Constintiene = Con stint "T" in/ Consent - he in
Wardrobes = War robs/ Our robes
Catastrophe = Cat has trophy
Certaintude = Err in you
Wilderness = Hill her is
Keep your eyes open = Keep - - or I open
The power of perfection = The hour of her ecck ton
Peace theough perfection = He you - - err - - - X ton
Philippians = Flip - - he in
Court Marshall = Hore our hell
Covert operation = Go err - up her a ton/ Cover up - err a ton
Pandora's box = And hore has box
Helter skelter = Hell err skull her
Tetly tea = Et he tea
Isrealite = Is he a light?
Paco Cruiz = wako you is
Pablo Morlas = have low more hell has
Pumpkin soup = Pump in you ( Eat soup)
Bobby Gentry = Bob - he gent he/ Bob he in tree
Bruce springsteen = You spring - - he in
Bruce Boxlightener = You a light in her/ you ox - - - lighten her
Kelly Monaham = Hell he on - - - a ham(Is a joker) Kill - he on a ham (kill pig)
Cold frame = Old hay am
Holy crap = Hole - he crap
Bridge over the river Quwi = Ridge over the river - - I (Is whats left)
Red river valley = Head he are all he/ Read he err all he
Red rider = Red rye err
UV (Ultra violet) You he
Ultra violet = all a I et
Jokes on you = hoax on you
Heir apparent = Air wrap air in
Glowcoma = Glow come a
South west radio church = Out west raid he o church
Kelly Moore paint = Hell he or aint
Pinnacle = Pin nick - hell
Cocker Spaniels = Cock her and yells
Albert Switzer = All hert - white sir (Make clean)
John paul Jones = On all owns
Wendell Stevens = And hell he in
Galopogos = Hell hope he goes
Daniken = On icck in
Loony tunes = Loon he you
Luwellian = You hell he in
Jeramiaha Sitchen = Air am I a itch in
Dental hygiene - Dent tell high jean
Syllasiben = Ill a I been
Beth Shiba = Bath he a
Moabite king = Mo )more) a bite king
Hymalayha = Him a lay a
Sylvester Stillone = Hll is err Hill own
Hemophiliac = He mo(more) feel he ax
Hermaphrodite = Perm afro - - dye it
Homeopathy = Hoe me up has he/ Home me up has he
Oral B = Or all be
Incongruity = In con you hit he/ In on grew - it he
Inquiry = In choir he
Falsehood = False hood (hat)
Pharisee = Fair is he
Chippendale = Chip n dale/ Hip in hell
Carl Sagon = Our hell a gone (He even just died a few weeks ago.)
Incontinence = In on - "T" in
They use the word "Martin Short", and "Doppelganger" when trying to tell me I made a mistake, as in the word "incongruity." That must be what the word means. At the time, I wasn't shure what it meant.
The high bridge incident = The high bridge - in see dent
Lawrence lake laboratories = Hore in ake - - ab(able) he tore he
Nova Scotia = No us go a
Brontosaurs rex = Brunt oh saw us - wrecks
Loma prieata = Home a he et a
Saint Seraphim earth quake = Ain't sir if him err ake
Joe Montana = You on an a
Albrect Druer = All brick you are
Roxanne = Rock sand
Advertising agent = At her I sing - - a gent
Advertisement = At her eye is ment
Sugar shack = Ugg - err shack
No bones about it = No owns - - out it
Celestial seasonings = See less "T" hell see son in
Moment of truth = Omen of you
Ernist Hemingway = Her nest - him in way
Fredric Meyers Head icck my errs
Mornings at two = More at you
Rock and roll restitution = Rock and roll rest it you on (is buried)
Masters and Johnson = Mast hers (ship) and on son
Whitly Houston = It he - you ton/Whit he - hue ton/ Hit he you ton
Rebellious = He hell he us/ He bell he us
Spirits rebellious = Ear it - he hell he us
Black beauty = AX - -you "T"
Fatima = At him ma
Gods worrior - by Frank G Slaughter = Odd hore he err by rank - - he slaughter (This is a real book that I have.)
Potentate = Pot in ate
Jimmy Humble = Him he humm bell
Ceazer Chavez = Says err - have his
Humble pie = Him bull pie
Erickson = Err icck son
Invalid = In - - - a lid/ In valid
Chesterfield = Chest (Heart) her feel/ Chest her heel/ Chest her heal
Magical mystery tour = Mag(magic) icck cull his err - he you are
Bake sale = Ake ale
Maynerd Carter = A nerd - are err
Mayson Dixon = Ace on dick son/ A son icck on/ Hay son - hicks on
Potentate = Potent - ate
Potpourri = Pot pour he
Shrimp fried rice = Err him - I ice
Animosity = An am us a "T" (cross)/ An am us at he
Delete = He eat
Evacuate = He acck - you ate
Lienes Paulins = Lion is paul in (apostle Paul)
Life line = I lion
Evacuate = He fuck - you ate
Aquiline = Aqua - eye in
Hallucination = Hell - you sin a ton
Mischievous Is chief - he us
Epiccap = Hip icck cap
Manipulation = Man nip you a ton
Manchurian devil = Man shure he in evil
Publishers Clearing house = Hub is hers - clearing house
Intrepid = In rep(reputation) hid/ In trip hid
Classic case = Cull ass - icck ace
Bomb squad = Am odd
Pig in the poke = Pig in - - the poke
Peregrine falcon Air a he in - fall can
Poltergeist phenomenon = All true guys - fee no men on
They kept repeating the word "intriped," and I kept changing the meaning, trying all possibilities to figure it out, because I am unsure of the meaning. They kept repeating it, and finally I just became frustrated because it was a waste of time. Later it was given again a few times, and I realized that the word itself said "In trip hip."
Saudi Arabia = Sod he air ray be a
Pilgrims progress = Ill grim - row - gerr is
Population bomb = Pop you lay ton home
Chartreuse = air true
Population explosion = Pop you lay ton X low on
Grim reaper = Him reappear
Viper = I purr
Matramony = At a money
Poltergeist = All true guys
Nicotine = Nic go he in
If it makes you happy = If it akes who happy?
Dwight Yokum = Duh - - why it yo kum?
Short attention span = Short - a ten on - span
Lackadasical = Lack a days - he call
Lark in th morning = Ark in the mourning
Tiger Woods = Tiger would
Redundant = Re done dent
Maltese Falcon = All tease - hell can
Methamphetamine = Myth - am fit a mean
Falcon crest = All can rest
Balkin islands = Ball can - I lands
Souri islands = sore he - I land
Sabrina = Submarine a
Pillowcase rapist = Ill low ace- a pissed
Gun cleaner = Un clean err
Mephistopheles = miff his - stop hell less
Brigadier = Brig had ear
Munchkins = Munch in
Habakkuk = Have back cook
Love triangle = Love try angle
Exceptionist = Except ton is
Expletive = Expel it have
Christian radio network = His ton raid he owe net work
By reason of insanity = I he son in on a ""T"
Pasteurize = Past your eyes
Donky kong = On key on
Tex Watson = (Manson murderer) Ex - what son
Tetrahedron = Hit - "rah" - he run/ Et a he run
Tetley tea = Et he - tea
Winnabego = In a bay go (WhenI put tea in the pot)
Jaquechouf Smearnoff = Jack off smear off
Barracuda = Bear a could a
Maltese cross = All tease - cross
Mattesse = (The painter) Mat he is
Boston baths = Boss ton bath's (When I planned on a hot tub.)
Julian Huxley = You he in hex he
Ballentine ale = All in - I in ale
Medicine = Head a sin
Choir boy = Why err boy?
Prometheus = Pro me thee us
Linoleum = Ah know he um
Captain quick = Cap ten icck
Omar Sharieff = Home are share he
Systemic = Is stem icck
Max Flanigan = Ax land gain
Fine tuning = I in toning
Miss Amanda Jones = Is a man a owns.
Max Lucato = Ax you hate oh
Predatory environment = Read a - tore he - in fire on ment
Jim Jones = Him owns
Liepzig = Lie zig
Cyborg = Sigh bore
Predatory = Bread at - hore he
Intel pentium chip = In tell pen he yum chip (When eating raw oats from a bag.)
Michael Angelo = My hell and gee low
Eeny meeny miney moe = He ne(need) - me ne - mine he - mo(more)
Telaviv = Hell have he
Expedition = X ped is on
Epileptic = Up he lept tic
Altimeter = Halt him it or
Seago Rivera (Mural painter) = See a go he air a
Sergio Menendes = Surge he owe men in is
Massengail = Mass in gale/ Mess in gill
Sieko genesis = See go - and is his
Good Samaritan = Who? - same air it in
Lairamy Wyoming = Lair am me - why coming
NYPD blue (New York police TV show) = And why pee he you
Sitcom = Sit - come
Ram Dass = Rohm dauss (computer software)
Delusional = He you son all
Tony Randell and Dawne = Home he ran hell and down
Patriarchal society = Hat he arc all so I it "T"
Bulwarks = Bull works
Cougar crucible = You gerr - you see hell
John Cougar Mellincamp = On you gerr - hell in camp
Daniel Defoe (Author of Robenson Cerusoe) = And yell - he foe
Danyella = And yella (is chicken)
Protoplasm = row to - has him
Faith healing = Faith he ailing
Oakridge boys = Hoe ridge boys
Oakridge mall = Hoe ridge boys
Dynomite = I know might
Darma bums = Our ma - bum
Darma combat (publication) = Arm a come bat
Hydrodol (Author of "Ra" and "Kon tiki") = I row all
Satan Sweetener = Hate ten - we ten err
Psychic sweetener = I kick - we ten err
Psychic solution = I icck - soul( sold) you on
Jenny Craig = An he egg
The egg and I = The egg in eye
Funeral = Few - - - - - err all
Flatulence = Flat - you lance
Malcom X (Cival rights leader) = All come X
Mariaha Cary = Mar I ah care he
Albany (New York) = All been he
LSD = Hell is he
Prophacy = Prophet sigh
Beelzebub = A hill see bub
Omey Wiatte = Home he - why it? (When thinking of being at home typing, and feeling anxious to get this book written. It has been about two weeks now. The reason it takes so long is because many of the riddles in my notes are not decifered right, and it is a real brain test getting it right. They will let me struggle on hard riddles for awhile. They tell the best fitting riddle if I make a mistake. Or they give the cues to go back to certain words and fix minor mistakes. They are still also giving new word riddles as I'm typing (the earlier notes,) and I add these in at the exact time they come. I still glance at the "return" key on the computer, and if it seems to say "retard or rectum" I know to go back and alter the last riddle. If I think rebound, renew, reborn, reset, refrain, retire, radium,(a new one), nuron(means "your on") or return, it means it is good. A few times I saw almost hit the "shift" key, and the thought "red shift" comes. Mean "read - shift" (go to next word,) or is also related to the Doppler effect. "Hat ah small" (That a all) also means it is right. There is also a loud squeak noise near the TV set, that goes off when thinking of something, or when a riddle is solved, as if speaking to me, and confirming my thoughts. Sometimes it's there a lot, and other times it isn't. They have done this before.
Charismatic = Car is matic
Tuskineni = Us kin he ne(need)

Night watcher = I watch her
Night of the living dead = Height of the living head
Death watch = Has watch
Los Angeles lakers = Us - and he has acres/ Loss and he has lake errs (lake of fire)
CSN International = (Calvary Christian radio) See us an enter - - - - - - - na - - ton hell
Leviticus = Have it - a cuss
San Diago Zoo = And he - ago you. (ancestors)
Daniel Booie= And yell "boo" he
Consecration = On he a ton
You snooze - you lose = You noose - you loose
Pepsident (toothpaste) = pep see dent
Sparky = Spark he (Is a nick name my one friend "Tom" calls me.)
Chucamunga = You among a
Pasal Robles = Pass all robe bulls
Christian century = His ton in - your he.
Courtesy call = Hert is he all
Christian ministry network = His ton in his tree - - - it work
Sodomites = Sad home eyes/ Sad - oh my - - is
Westport = Has hore
Teenager = He in age - err
Private diary = Pry - have it - I air he
Bella Lugosi = Hell a you go see
Rashashana = Rush - - she's on a
Seinfelt = Sign felt
Letters to the editors = Let hers to the et it hores
Pepperridge farms = Upper ridge farms
Romeo and Juliet = Rome he owe and you he et (When I walked out and got some carrots from refrigerator, and walked back eating them.)
Zechariah = Sack a rye a/ Sock her I a/ suck her high a / sack her I a/ Is heck err I a
Bug in ass = hug in has
Idolitery = I doll it air he/ I dull it ear he
Zealots = sell it/ hell it's
Jimminey cricket = Him in - he crick it
Sacrilegious = Sack he ledge us
New Testiment = You is a meant
Jimmy crack corn and I don't care = Him he crack horn and I don't care.
Edger Rice Burroughs = Head err - I borough
Nickelodeon Icck - -hell owed - he in
Cherokee nation = Chair okee a ton
Oswald Chambers = Us walled chambers
Holy Sepulcher = Whole he sup pull curr (When finished eating lunch.)
Rat fink
Zerubbabel = sir rub bub bell/ is err rob bob bell
Radio city music land = And he oh sit he - you sick man
Corpus Christi = Core puss christ he (When I found the wine, but put it back.)
Jessie Marsalas = is he more hell us
Sistine chapel = Is he in a hell
Nuremberg trial = Your in berr - - I hell (Had just got some firewood, and was closing the door. The sun has gone down and it's colder now.)
Tuskinini = Tusk in - in he/ Us skin - in he/ Us skinin he
Smith barney = Is barn he
Tuskarora = Tusk a roar a
Trapazoid = Trap has hide
Moot point = You point
Crimson clover = Him son over
Hermosa Johnson =Err mo(More) a on son
Low proximity = Low frocks him it he
Armenia = Are mean - knee ya
Fusion = few shun
Sparkey and our gang = Spark key and our gang
Night watchmen = Height watch men
Cold fusion = Cold - - few son
Idiosyncrasies Hid he oh think crazies
Exodus = X owed us
Sexual misconduct = X you all - is con - ucck
Porta potty = Port a pot he (When I carried a bucket of bath water to heat on the stove.
Joseph Mengala = (Nazi) Go sell men hell a/ Go suff(suffer) men hell a
Reenactment = He in act ment
KGO TV = Cage he owe - tee hee
Erector set = He wrecked - err - set (Sat on it and crushed it)
Uterus = You tour us
Federalies = Fed - are all he
Rosheashana = Rush has on a
Spiritual Wickedness = Hear it you all - icck hid is
Karch Kori = Ark - Core I
George Forman = Org form man
Act your age not your shoe size = Act our age not our shoe size (New age)
Rockingham estates = Rock in ham his ate
Arnold Swarteznegger = Are nulled swore it's nigger
Sputnic (failed satellite) = Sputt - icch
Doctor Jeckle and mister hyde = Dock hore ecck ill and is err - hide
Bozo the clown = Bow is owed the clown
Pentium chip = In he yum - chip
White robe = Height row
Thor Hydrodol = Hore - I row all
Vishnu = Is you
Jewish - You wish
Zimbabwe = Him bob away/ Him bab away/ Sin bad way
A lesson in frugality = A less on in - you all it he (When cleaning house)
Tooth brush = You rush
Oak ridge boys = Hoe ridge boys
Circumstantial evidence = Sir come stand he all - have he dense (Soon after this I saw the tasters choice commercial on TV. The one where her old lover shows up unexpectantly, and talks her into having a quick cup of coffee, and suddenly her date arrives and rings the doorbell.
Dichotomy = I hot a me
Materlink (Scientist, author?) = Hat her link
Out of hock = Ow of hock
Diagnose = I hag nose
Hypotenuse = High - - - pot a noose (Is hanging high)/ Die pot in you
Chelsi Grammer = Hell see - am her
The egg and I = The egg in eye
Asphyxiated = Ass fix - he ate it
Doppelganger = Dope hell gang err
Stienpiltz = I in pill
Cardiac arrest = Card he ax - a rest
Circumscribe by the bible = Sir come I - - I bell
Fig newton = Fig you ton
Jerkel circle = Jerk hell - sir kill
Dec. 18, 1996
Allison Chalmers = All his son - all errs
Theodore Kazinski = Thee had door has in he
Valedictorian = Vale a icc door he in
Jews for Jesus = He you or he us
Dictator = Icck hate hore
Sherlock Holms = Err lock - home's
Ejaculation = He ax = you lay ton
Budapest = Budda pest
Mission Impossible = His son - in - us able
Layton = A ton
Morton Brinkley = More ton brink he
Santa Ana = Sent a an a
In christ all things are possible = In I haul things - us able
Witherspoon = With her - who in?/ Is her spoon?
UV rays = You he rays
Life application bible = I have he a ton - I bell
Hardiest hit = Heard hisses it
Tommy Two tones = Ah me you owns/ ah me you hoe in/ ah me you toe in
The power of persuasion = The "pow" err of err way son
Beatle juice suspect = Beat hell you us etc.
To each his own = To he is hoe in
Aladdin = A lad in/ all had in/ Hell a din/ Hell a den
The rock where Moses stood = The rock here - mo(more) is stood
Genetic material = In et tick a tear he all
Patty Lovelace = At he love ace
Crying holy unto the lord = I in hole -eeeee - un do - - - the lord (needs)
Nuro biologist = You row by all log is
Zebbadiaha = Have bad die ha
Cardiovascular = Card he owe ask you are
Albatross = Ale bat ross
Debutante = Deb you taunt
Injunction =In junk ton
Injunctavitus = In junk have fight us
Jerusalem worrior = Err you sell em - or he hore
Atilla the hun = At ill a - a hun(hundred)
Jerusalem = Her who sell him
Julian Lennon = You he in - hen on
Jerusalem stranger = Her who sell him tray in- - - err/ Her who sell him stray in - - gerr/ Her who sell him strange - err/ Her who sell him hay in gerr
Rat on = Hat on
Dispensation = His pen say ton
Zerubbabel = His err rub bub bell
Palm dale = Alm ail
Cabbage patch kids = Have badge catch kids
Seven deadly sins = He in head he sins
Barbra Strisand = Barb a I stand
Seventh day adventist = Heaven a had in is
Cucumber = You come err
Hop skip jump = Up hip hump
Scandinavian = Scan - - an "A" - he in/ And a knave he in
American = Am hier - I can
American pie = Am hier I can - I
Elinor Rigby = Hell in or rig be (Is a set up)
Fatel world = Ate ill hore held/ Hate tell war hell
Panty hose = Pant he hose
Instability = In stable - - it he
Insanity = In and a "T"
Meat and potatoes man = Heat and pot - - tatoes man/ Eat and hoe tatoes man
Boston Selsor = Boss ton hell sir
Boston Celtics = Boss ton sell - - ticks/ Boss on hell iccks
Paul Davies = (scientist author) = All day he is
Extraterrestrial Phenomena = Ax straw her is tree all fee no men a/ Hack straw err has he all he home in a/ X rah err has tree all he omen a Hex straw err is he all he no men a /
Stacy Stutsman = Ace he huts man
Judy Garland = You he - our land
Gay Tellowease = Hay - tell who we is
Ace of spades = A is of aids
All terrain vehicle = Haul her hay in - he hick hell/ Hell err rain we icck ill/ All a ray in we heck hill
Restaurant = Rest her aunt (This came when I hit the "return" key, and I was getting really tired. "Retire" also came. Earlier when I was on a roll, the thought "Radium" and "Radiation" came when hitting the return key. All the riddles were deciphered and coming quick then. Once later came "refund.")
Yosemite sam =You him - it he am
Panorama Pan are ram a
Meadow lark = Med(medacine) owe ark
Humble pie = Humm bell eye
Dracula = Ax you a
Queen of shiba = We in he a
Rainbow worrior = Ray in bow - hore he err
Batman and Robbin = Hat man and robe in
Chappaquitic = Chap icck quit - - - icck (When I washed my pile if pants.)
Baited breath = Ate hid has
Brave new world = Rave - - you war hell
Lucey (the early human remains found be Richard Leaky) = You see
Take back the night = Ake back the night
Walking in the rain = Ah king in the rain
Eye on the sky = High on the sky
Get away = Hit a way
Gene Autry = He in our tree
Abigail Van Buren = Have a girl and your in
Ray gun = A gun
Portfolio = Port hole he owe (go potty)
Court of appeals = Core of ape heals
Doe ray me ah sole hat he ate = Oh hay me has all that he hate
Sedentary = Said in tear he (Means to not eat the tomato paste.)
Olfactory gland = Old factory land
Nahdia Cominnitch = Not he a come in - - eecch (When they told me not to eat anymore heavy tomato paste with potatoes, because of a split gut that keeps bleeding. The acid is too high.
Vale Colorado = Hell all or rad owe (means to throw it all out.)
Acidofalis = Acid awful - - - less
Salmonella = All man ill a
Anonymity = An know him it he
Cool fedex = Who hell fed X
Sex appeal = X ape ill
Recalcitrant Reek hell sit rent
Recoil = He coil
Glandular deficiency = Land you err - he fish in sea
Radio carbon dating = Raid he owe our on hating
Wayne world = Way in war all
Sedentary = Sad - in tear he
Radio carbon dating = Aid he owe - are on ate in

Dec. 19, 1996
Ettenborough Scotland = Et in - err oh - out land/ Et in berr oh - out land
Glaucoma = Ow come a
Goofis and Gallant = Who is and hell in
Lucid dreaming = Who hid - he in? You hin - he in
Emaciated = He may see ate did
Hello jackson = Hell low ax son
Helter skelter = Hell err hell her
Frank Sinatra = Rank sin not a
Hellin Keller = Hell in - hell her
Eliminated = He limb in ate did
Suzi Q = You see you/ You he - you
Fiber optics = I berr - up ticks (When I lifted weights in the cold)
Bolderdash = Bold - her dash/ Old - her ash
Weight lifter = Hate - lift err
A bible break = A high bell ake
Parapsychology = Air a I all oh gee
Hallucination = Hell you sin a ton
Biolocation = I owe low a ton
Country time lemonade = On he I am him on aid/ Cunt tree I am lay on aid
Jimmy Carter = Him he are err
Ambassador = Am ass it tore (donkey)
Asper gum = Has err - hum
Mung beans = hung he in
Carismatic movement = Air his hat - icck - - who in?
Eckersley = Heck her's he
Harrison Ford = Air - his son hore
Nancy Snyderman = And see I err man
Author Fiedler = Our Thor feed lore
Doctor Feelgood = Doc tore heal good
Tanninbaum = And in home
Dungerees = Done juries/ On your ease
Hailbop = Hell bob
Grace central church = Ace in hell err
Immaculate conception = Him acck you let on hip ton
Beelzebub = A hell see bub
Emotional defiant = He mo ton all - he I in
Emerson = him err son
Define resolution = He I in - his owe you ton
Epileptic fit = Hip pull lept tick hit
Emotional gambit = He oh ton hell - am it
Bambi = Am he
Epidemeology = Hip hid he me all oh gee
Tonsillectomy = Tons hill ecck to me/ Ton select home he/ Ton sill heck to me/ On sill ecck tommy
Tubby Tunes = Tub he you in
Dead cow disease = Head ow is ease
Lauralye = Hore a lie/ Lower lye/ Aura lie
Predestination = Breed is tin a ton/ He is in a ton
Too much slip away = To hutch lip - a way
Oral B (dental floss) = Or hell be/ Hore hell be
Hiesman trophy = Eyes meant row fee/ High is men throw fee
Babe in arms = Babe in harm/ Hay - been harm?/ Bay bin arms/ Hay bin harm
Castration complex = Cast ray shun hump licks/ Cast stray Shaun come plucks/ Has trays ton home licks / Cast strays on comb plucks/ Cast ration hump iccks/ Has ray ton home hex/ Cast hay son comb hicks/ Ass ration come X
Ramsey = am he
Tiger Woods = I gerr would / Hi - - gerr would/ Eye err would/ Hi - - her would/ Eye - her would/ I her would/ I her wood/ I err wood/ I err would/ Eye err would/ Higher would/ Higher wood/ High err would etc.
Chichen Catchatori = Hick in hatchet tore he
Ire felt = I err felt
Hasselblad = Has hell bad
Cream of the crop = Cur - he am of the crop
Charleton = Harlot on
Deuteronomy = Dude - her on - - oh me
Predatory = Read it - tore he
Pergatory = Err - get hore he
Rudy Galinda = You he - hell in a
High ball = I all
Quonset hut = Who wants it hut?
Eddie Debartelo = Head he - he are hell low
Opis seventy nine = Oh piss - heaven "T" - - I in
Innate wisdom = In ate wisdom
Rope a dope = Row - a hope
Rita Coolage = Eat a cool age
Oh lord have mercy = Oh lord have err see
Investigative phenomenon = In has a gate if he know men a
Hog pen = Hog in
Telaportation = Hell a hore a ton
Aristotle Onassis = Air is hot hell oh has is
Nideross = I err us
Jimmy Gelinda = Him he hell in a
TelePrompTer = Hell a prompt he
Petaluma = Et a who ma
Apostolic ministry = Ape is all icck in his tree
Aphrodisiac = Half road these he yack/ Have rode these - he yak / Afro these he yack
Texcoco = Tex coco/ Hex coco (Means I messed up a previous riddle, and it needs correction. They later used this word for same reason.)
Karch Kori = Arch core high
New age reality = Who age - he hell it he
Shakespeare = Shake spear/ Aches ear
Danny Glover = An he over
Butterfield blues = Butt her feel you
Pomo undercrossing = Home o under cross in (When I ate some peanut butter. Must relate to homophobia of a contactee.
Bible password = I bell has word
Spirit of complexity = Ear it of come hex - it he
Thessalonica = Is hell low I ca(can)/ Is hello I ca
Damian Williams = Day me in ill am (I was ill today)
Salvation army = Hell a ton arm he
Anesthetic = An a head icck/ An it's said icck
Up ended = Up and did
Genetic engineering = In et icck- in an ear in
Calldwell industries = Cold hell in us trees
Calld well bankers = Cold well bank hers
Custodian = Cussed stowed he in/ Us towed he in/Us stowed Deanne/ Cussed owed Deanne
Stillone = Hill own/ still on/ ill on
Cezar Chavez = Say czar chivvies/ See czar chevys/ Say - czar have his
Labionka = Have he on a
Fittapoldi = Fit appall he/ hit up all he

Thessalonica = This hell on Ike a/ Says a lawn hike a/ This salon Ike a
Thistle and shamrock = This hill and am rock/ This (sill/ ill) and sham rock
Mung bean = Hung he in/ Bung he in/ Bong be in
Bifocals = By folk culs
Thistle on ice = This hell on eyes
Apostolic ministry = A post stall icck men his tree/ Oppose toll lick men is tree/Apples stall lick men is tree/ Up hose stole hick men his tree/ Ape hoes stall icck menace tree/ Ape pissed all icck in his tree
Too Pop Shapoor = You have so poor (This was said to tell me I was still way off trying to figure out the last riddle. I finally did a lot better.)
Constantine = Constant he in
Babylon five = Babble on I
Theodore Gozinski = He a door go's in's key
The ghost in misses = The host in is his
Custamaro = Us tomorrow
Slut = sell hut
Custimato = cuss tim at hoe (Mike Tysons trainer)
Roving = hoeing/ rowing
Temporal lobe epilepsy = Temp pore ale low hip pull lept see
Laura lee = Wore a he
Revenge = He hinge
Insanity = In's ah nit he/ In and a "T"/ In,s ah net he
Hari Christna = Are he christ? - - - na
Eggersley = Hague hers sleigh
Close knit = cloth snit
Hershell Hawkins = Her shell hawk inn's
Laws of the jungle = Awe's of the hung gull
Eggersley = Egg hers slay
Rosenbloom = Rose in bloom
Chestnut = Chest nut
Harlem Globe trotters = Hore him globe rot errs
Chastisement = Has eyes ment
East of Eden = Eats of eaten
I commit robbery = I come it - rob her he
Sodomites = Sod he might
Raygun = A gun
Albrect Druer = All berr wrecked drew err
Annette Phonachello = An it phone a cello/ A net hone a shell low
Donkey kong = Dong key kong
Winchell doenuts = Wind shell done huts
Cantilever = Can't tell leave her
Stanley Cubrick = Stan Lee coo brick
Candelabra = Ken dell a bra
Hyper space = eye per space
Hypercaratosis = Aye par carat oh sis
Kavorkien = Calf fork key in
Cavort = cafe fort
Robatusson = Row bat us in
Teilhard de Chardin = Tile hart day char Dan
Rocky Marciano = Rock he marr see ah no
Fittapaldi = Hit appalled he
Cordova = Cord over
Purgatory = Purr gut tore he/ Purge gut tor he (When I was real sick)
Heavily armed = Have hell he armed
Cantilever = Can't ah leave her
Cats claw = Hats law
Natcho and dog = Not show and dog
Barnaby Bill the sailor = Bar in a be ill the hale her
David Booey = Day hid you he
Fertle valley = Fur till vale he
Coming at you = Home in hat you
I'm a credit man = I'm a et hit man (When I quit eating and this song was singing in my head in the morning when heating tea on the fire.)
Emotional roller coaster = He mo(more) shin all - roll err coast her
Principality = Prince see pal - it he
Septuagint = Stepped you a gent
Jacki Chane = Jack key Shane
Chop Suey = Hop sue he
Agriculture = Hag rug cull truer
Ring truer = Ring - you err
Aggregated assault = Hag Greg gate did ass salt
Articulate = Art icck cue let/ Are tic cue let
Cats kill = Hat skill
Bag man = Hag man
Rock and roll roller coaster = Hock and hole - whole err host her
Weather vane = Heather vain
Portfolio = Port foal Lee owe
Michalia Garrett = Ma kale ya gar rite
Martin Short = Our tin shore it
Ruble Winkel = Rue bull wink hell
Rebel with out a cause = Rebel with - - - - - Out a cause
Mung beans = Hung he in (When I had cloths hanging all over my trailer, to dry during the rain. They actually gave this one earlier when typing, even though it was written further along in my notes.)
Tiny Tim = Eye in he him
Loma Linda = Low maul end a
Konietchewa = (Taiwanese word for hello or?) On itch you ah (When I was going to take a nice hot bath finally)
Butterfield blues = Butt err feel you
Florence Nightingale = Hore in's I ten gale
Konietchewa = An itch you are
Ecckersly = Ecck - errs he (They gave this after I wrote the last words.)
Anita Briant = An neat tub rye ant
Rickets = Rick Kitts's
Olive oil = Ah live why yell
Crocodile Dundee = Crock code dial done dee
Desmond Morras = Hase manned morass
Emotionally discharged = He motion Ale he this charged
Amityville horror = Ham mitt heave ill hore or
Uri Geller = Your he hell err
Emotionally challenged = He motion Ale each hale hinged
Spermazoah Spur maze soe a
Galloping ghost = Gal lope ping host (When watching football on TV)
Emotionally disabled = He motion Ale he this Abe billed
Overt overture = Over toe virtue err (Was a hard one to see)
Kenny Stabler = Ken he stable err
Constellation = Cons tell a ton
Wires crossed = Why errs crossed?
Small feet = All he
Enmity = In mitt he
Anette fonachello = On net faun a cello
Pooper scooper = Poop err scoop her
Pattern = At err in
Haul off = All off
Bill Gates = Ill hates
Soviet Union = So he et - you in on
Captain Black = Cap ten lack (When I lifted wood stove lid)
Repugnant = Reap hug in ant (Was a very hard riddle to see)
Drew Bleudsoe = Drew blood soe
Marcellas = Mar cell ass
Overture = Over chew err
Victoria's secrete = Vic tore he as seek writ
Jesse Marcellas = Jess see mar Sale ace
Valachinko = Vale a shank go
Valitae Smitnickoff = Vale it he some mitt nick off
Valedictorian = Vale a dick tore he in
Fine tuning = Eye in tooning
Edger Casey = Head gear case see
Your time commeth = Our time come myth
Edger Allen Poe = Head gerr haul in go (When I hauled in wood)
Pyrocantha = Pie row can the
Venezuela = Hen is you ail a
Randy Shandabill = Rend each and a bill
Ukulele = You cull lay Lee
Limeric = Limb err icck
Zimbabwe = Is him bab way
Bantam books = Ban tam hooks =
Gazuenthiet = Gauze hunt height
Low IQ = Oh - - I qu
Wits end = It send
Ukraine = You crayon
Lymes disease = lie yums this ease
One iota = On I oat a
Pit bull = It bull
Peter Pan = Pee tour pan
Disabled = This Abe bold
Old age = Hole egg
Attarandyke = At her ran dike/ Hat tar ran dyke
Disbanded = This band did
Rowenoak = Row an oak
Lysentatious = Lies in hay us
Watch factory = Watch - - - fact ore he
Pot belly pig = Pot hell - he pig
About a week ago I saw on three seperate nights, a unusual light in the sky. Once a blinking light in the north that went out, once a flash of moving light in the east a few days later, and about three days after that in the early morning when all stars were out, I saw a very big shooting star heading down in the west. One other thing they showed me during the day a couple of times a day ago, and three days ago, was that while I was reading: -----a remote peice of a dream was suddenly recalled, that came from the night before. This tied into the subject matter of what I just read, and gave a riddle that taught. It had to do with taking things that weren't mine. On the second time this happened. The first time I missed the clue. This meant my subconscious mind was doing things in the real world? or I was unconsciously stealing , not thinking that it mattered , as some things I claimed from family and others things I thought no one cared. Other was petty theft even it developed into. It started with being a rock hound, and wanting all the best rocks, and developed into into petty theft.
Later they even gave me a dream of a word (that needed to be broken down into the riddle), and I couldn't recall the dream exactly, but then awoke and heard the riddle spoken out. This was another totally new thing, and might mean that maby I'm living in a subconscious real life dream world (receiving the world riddles) and hen in real life trying to decifer them? Or the key words given are the subconscious , and the riddle itself is the real me. This is true. This dream happened a few days later, after I thought " what else can you show me"? as a smart alic joke.

Simon Peter = I on eater
Catechism = Cat tic is him
Vigarow = Vigor row
Psychic solution = side kick sole you ton (When I saw another psychic advertisement on TV.)
Catalyst = Cat a list
Acts of the apostles = Ax of the ape hostels
Hospice = Us piss
Benevolent beings = Be have oh lent be in
Lines Paulings = (author) Lioness all in (apostle Paul)
Sand scrit = Hand writ/ And it
Chuck Mitzler = Chuck - - - his err
Leslie Van Howton = Less Lee van how ton
Love your enemy = Love your an a me
Telouse Latreck = Tell Loose lit wreck
Brady bill = Aid - he Bill
Betty Ford clinic = Et he or in icch
Figon = Fig gone
Conspicuous = Con spic you us
Constantenople = Con Stan ten ople
Bio deversable = High owed he verse able
Return = He turn
High ho silver = I hoe silver
Serpentine = Sir pen teen
Copisetic = Hope is set icck
Casper gum = Hasp erg um/ Hasp berg um
Mississippi rising = Miss his sip pee rise sing
Extraterrestrial = Extra her rest tree all
Capernaum = Cup urn him/ Cup earn him/ Cup burn him
Charismatic = Care his mat icck
Penny pincher = Pen he pinch her
Matlock = At lock

The black box seen in UFO stories could represent "ARK," (the chest) as in the ark of the covenant and Noah's ark.
The bright spot seen in the darkness when eyes are closed (given by them when speking to my thoughts,) is similar to a recent sun spot burned into the eye. This explains why some Indians would stare at the sun. This explains why in the bible it says "no one can look directly at god without being blinded, for it is too bright, and no one can see his face. This must go back to older religions also.
Inert gas = In hert has
Every bit = Have he it
Crucifix = Crews ah fix/ You's a fix (When first typing this word, the song with the lines "happy birthday baby" was for a moment going through my head.
Beat um bust um that's our custom = Eat um us um hats our cuss tum (This was the cheerleaders slogan when I was in high school twenty odd years ago
Alagainey (The river?) = All a gain he
Repeater = He eater
What goes in must come out = What goes in must come out
Allagash = All a gash
What goes around comes around = What goes around comes around
Rancho costa plenty = An oue us a lent he
Indonesia = End owe knee shah/ In doe knee shah
Inquisition = In quiz sit shun/ In qua sit shun (Was the hardest to figure out. I finally gave up, and then they gave it to me.)
Hart attack = Art hit tacks/ Art hat tax
Boe Jackson = Oh ax son
Boe Diddly = Oh did Lee
Indigestion = In die jest shun
Heavy handed = Have he hand did
Willow = will low
Circumspect = Sir comes pecked/ Sir comes specked
Dispensation = His pen say shun
Insinuation In sin you way shun
Penetration = pen it tray shun/ Pen it ray shun
Predestination = He dust tin nation
Peanut butter = Pee nut butt err
Pot shots = hot hots
Bare foot in the sand = Bear foot in the sand
Balance beams = Bale ants be yums
Appendectomy = Happen deck toe me
Bolemia = Bo Lee me ah/ Holy me ah (When I lifted tea pot from stove)
Happenstance = Happens stance/ Hat pins dance
Buckwheat = Buck we eat
Assasie Saadatt = As sass see sad dot/ Us ass see sod dot/ Ah sassy said dot
Bare in mind = Hier in mine
Assanine Idiot = As sin eye in hit tea it
Emotional rescue = He mo ton all re skew
Mel Tormay = Hell tore may
Trinity church = In it he err
Constipation = Cons tip pay shin/ Cons tip pay shun/
Terms of endearment = Terms of an ear meant/ Terms of in deer meant/ Terms oven deer meant
Baptism = Bap is him (Has been ceremoniously bopped on head)
Baptismal font = Bap is him all on
Metallica = Mitt Hale icck a
Mellencamp = Melon camp/ hell in camp
Hale Lindsay = Hail Lynn see/ Hay ill Lynn see/ Hell in see
Hazel nut eyes = Haze ill nut I/ Hay sill not high
Metro = Met row
Metro traffic news = Met rotor raff icck gnus (Was very hard to see)
Bingam North Carolina = Bing am north care oh line a
Gertrude Roberts = Gerr trued rob hurts (Was my piano teacher over thirty years ago.)
Gwalalah = Go wall loll a (small town on Mendacino coast)
Dunlop = Done lop
Marsupial = Our soup he ill
Cat majic = Hat majic
Gastosterone = Gas tossed err own (Is not a real word)
Gastular enteritis = Guest you lure inter write us/ Guest you'll err inter write us
Eye in the sky =I yin the sky
Laugerfelt = Loug err felt/ Log gerr felt/ Logger felt
Claudia = Clod he a
Emancipated = He man sip hated
Random acts of violence = Ran dome acts of I lance/ Rend home acts of I lance
Biochemistry = By owe Kim is tree
Junk mail = Hunk hell
Shatters = Hat errs
Almamata = Ale ma mot a
Principality = Prince he pale lit he/ Prince he pall lit he/ Prints sea pail it he/ Prints see pal it he
Emancipation = He man sip pay shun
Predestination = Pre destine nay shin
Ala mode = Allah mowed / All ah mowed
All understanding = All under standing (Are standing under it)
Read him his rights = Read him - - - - - - his rights
Sexual harrasment suite = X you all her ass meant suit
Julian Lennon = Jewel he in an on
Paula Jones = All a owns
Bombardment = Bomb - barred ment
Crotch shot = Crotch hot
Paula Barbeairy = All a barb he air he
Bill Clinton = Ill in ton (saw him on TV right after this)
Worrier = War he hore
Depression = He press shun
Damian Williams = Dame he in will yams/ Day me in will yums
Transitory = Transit tore he
Quonset hut = Who on set hut/ Who want's set hut
Blinded by the enemy = Lie in did in he me/ Lion did and he me
Paper back writer = Paper back - - - - - I err/ Ape err ax - I err
Communications specialist = Come you nick Kay shuns special list
Influenza = In flue in's a (When I checked my stove flue for leaks)
Pleurisy = Pull lure is he (I was chocking from smoke)
Red rock in = Read - - - rock in
Grape boxes = Gerrr - - ape boxes
Lady in red = Laid he in - - - read
Emphysema = Him fizz zee ma
Honeysuckle rose = Hone knee's uck ill rows
Communications industry = Come you nick Kay shuns in dust tree
Tweedy bird = To weed he bird/ Tweed - he bird
Soothsayer = Sue's sayer
Jennifer Loure = Yen if err lorry
Poncho De Leone = Paunch hoe day Lee own
Childrens tylenol = Chilled wrens tie Lynn all
Bow hunting = Oh hunting
Pittsburgh Pirates = Pitts err pie et's/ It's burr I writ
Chi chi Rodregas = She She rod he has/ He he odd he us
Brad pitts = Rad hits
Pizza pie = Peat's up I
Horewitzer = Hore wits err
Horowitz = Hore row wits
Gummy bear = Humm he air
Hiroshima = Hair row she ma
Helsinki = Hell sink he
Hezekiah = Has icck high a
Joseph Smith = Oh huff some mitt
Herchel hawkins = Her shill haw kin's
Rancho Cordova = Ran choke cord ova/ Ran choke or dove a/ Ran choke core dove a
Terradactile = Terra dactyl/ Tare a dactyl
Brunnamyer = Brew in a mire
Toadstool = Toe wed stew wool
Demeaner = Dee mean eer/ Deem ean
Gar = are
Rosie Mulendez = Rose see mull lend is (When I mulled over a money)
Black box = Black ox
Moses = Mows is
Egyptian monolith = He gyp shun mon
Country bumpkin = Cunt tree bump kin
The pit and the pendulum = The it and the pen jew um
Tundra bus = Ton drub us (Saw a show about polar bears on TV then)
Barbitall - Barb it all/ Bar bit all
Wake up call = Ake up all
Leggo Maniac = Leg go main he yack
Doctor feel good = Doc or eel goo
Warm blooded = Harm blood did
Even steven = Eve in - he in
Pall bearer = All error
Barbitual = Barb it chew wool/ Bar bit chew wool
Fernndale = Earn ale
Howie Mendell = How we men dell
Slim pickens = Limb pick kins/ Him icck in
Mendocino all stars = Men doe scene no all stars/In oh see doe all ours Men oh see no all ours
Bermuda triangle = Berm you duh try hang gel/ Err you a I hang hell
Folgers coffee crystals = Foal gerrs coff he christ tells/ Oh err is coff he is hell
Taywotewakcon = Tae woe tea wok con
Chariots of the gods = Chair he it's of the odds
Rita Hayworth = Rite a hay worth
Taxation = Ax a ton
Dragon flies = drag on flys
Antediluvian world = Ant he dull you've he in world
Androgenous = And rouge in us
Pinnacle = Pin nick cull
Equalizer = Eke will eyes err
Thomas Edison = Tom miss et is son
Westbray = West brae
Worst case scenario = Err a sin - air he owe
A separate reality = Ass up err writ reality
Reign of terror = Rain of error
Son of a bitch = Son of a itch
Lou Rawls = Who awls
Monster mash = On stir - hash/ On err - ash
Cinderella story = Sin err hell - a hore he
Jerry Louis and the playboys = Air he you is and the lay boys
Joseph Mengala = You self men gala/ You self men hell a
Self = distruct = Hell is struck/ Hell is ucck/ Elf is truck
Distrust = is trust
Catie Currick = Ate tea - cur icck/ Hate he err icck
Voyeur = Why err
Letter bomb = Let her home/ Et err home
Cry me a river = I me a err/ Rye me - a river
Cauldacot tunnel = Culled a cot ton knell
Shish kabobs = Shh his cab bobs
Swastika = Saw ass stick a
Cauldron = Called drawn
High ho silver = I owe silver
Peridot = Pear a dot
Ezekiel = Easy keel
Jeremiah = Jeer a Maya
Aphrodite = Have fro dye tee/ Have row die tea
Habakkuk = Have back cook
Bounjure = Bone's your
Ararat = Ear a rat/ Air a rat
Gazetteer of places = Gas et tier of places
Oxyana Byoule = Ox yon a by you'll
Temper tantrum = Him err tantrum
Alma matte = Ale ma mat ah

Dec. 23 1996

Origin of species = Ore a gin of specs sees
Chucky cheese = Ucck - he cheese
Policea = Pole la see a
Hemmingway = Him in way
Hemlick maneuver = Him lick men you've err
Paula Abdule = All a have you
Martin Mareatta = Mar tin marry et a/ Mar tin mar he et a
Health net seniority plus = Hell et sin hore it he us.
Exasperation = Ex ass per ray shun
Martin Short = Mar tin short
Bruce Macabbie = Brew smack cab be cabbie
Bruce Lee = Brew sleigh
Benjamin Netinyahoo = Ben jam in net in yahoo
Galapagos islands = Gal lap pa goes I lands
Bemani = Beam any Bee man he/ Be many
Gloria Stinem = Hore he a sty in um/ Or he a eye in um/ Glory a stein um
Aard vark = Our ark/ Hard ark
Pidgin hole = Pidgin hole (stool pidgin)
Sionada = I owe nada
Michuakan = Mitt chew ah con
Mark Twain = Ark wane
Phenobarbital = Fee in no barb bit tall
Hysterectomy = His store wreck to me
Interstellyaler space = In err hell you err ace
Condolini = Con do Lee knee
Ambrosia = Am broach a
Nostrodamas = Nosh draw dam ass
C. W. Mc Call = See dub hell you icck all
Homophobia = Home owe foe be a
W. C. Fields = Dub hell you see fields
Hypochondriac = Hype poke Andrea acck
Drip dry = rip rye
Brie = He
Fruit cake = Root ake
Logan pass = Low gun ass
Paul Newman = All you man
Attraction = At track shun
Benjamin Netinyahoo = Bend gym in net ten yahoo
C. W. Mc Call = See dub bell you icck all
Arachnid = Ah
Barbitchuwits = Bar bit chew it's/ Barb itch you wits
Apple sauce = Ape hell sauce
Logan pass = Low gun pass/ Log on ass
Phenobarbital =
Samoyad = Some way hid
Sarengetti = Air in get he
Wonderlust = One err lust/ On her lust
Wondering Jew = On err in you
Guillotine = Ill owe he in
Smith and Barney = It and are he
Cortney Cox = Court he cox
Orville dam = Or ill dam
Orville Redenbacker = Or ill red in back err
Get back = et acck
Carpacian diet = Our ace he in die it
Jessie Suppolo = Is he up pole low
Lethargic = He are icck
Eddy Debartelo junior = Et he he are hell low you in err
Capricorn = Capri corn
Riddic Boe = Rid icck bo
Captain Crunch = Cap tin crunch
Ergonomics = Err gun home iccks
Scottsdale Arizona = Outs hell air own a
Hideous = Hid he us/ Id he us
Leonard Pelter = In our hell err
Ridicule = Rid icck you ill
Logger rhythms = Log err is him
Musical chairs = You sick cull airs
Stone hinge = Own hinge
Sarengeti = Hier in get he
Thorazine = Thor razz seen
Sorry Charly = Are he are he
Contingent = On in gent
Fasten your seat belts = Ass in or eat hell
Megalowmainia = Meg a low main he a/ Meg ah low may knee a
Sinkione wilderness = Sin key own will err is
Fish rock = Fish rock (back and forth)
Recycle = He psyche cull
James Bond = Aim on
Marx brothers = mar X brothers
Tiger woods = I gerr woods
Diedric Myer = He icck my err
Dirt devil = Err he hell
Jose Felizeano = Hoe say hell he see ah no/ Oh say fell he see ah know
One brick too maney = On icck you men he
Teaser and the fire cat = Tee's err and the ire cat
Hitler's choice = Hit err's - - why
Motor boat = Moat or boat/ Moe tore boat/ Mow tore oat/ Moe ore oat
Sex pistols = X is all
Pistachios = Piss stash she owes
Morning after = Mourning have err
Lima Peru = He a err you
Matzetlan = Ma zit lawn
Class cannibalism = Ass an nibble is him
Airmail = Hier male
Anabel = Ana bell/ An a bell/ An a hell
Uncle Scrooge = Un cull you
Malissa Manchester = Hell is a man chest her
Malissa Eldridge = Hell is a hell ridge
Hanukah = Hon nick a
Akunoten = Ah coo not in
Mezzersmitt = Mess err some it
Perth = Earth
Sabbatical = A bat tick cull
Fuzzy Zeller = Fuzz see hell err
Shataki = Shut talk he (The mushroom)
Irresistible = Ear re cyst able
Remedy = Re med he
Pilot error = Pie lit air or
Bestiality = Beast he Ale lit he
Abcott tunnel = Have got ton hell
Eldridge Cleaver = Hell ridge cleave her
Irreversatality = Ear re verse ah tail it he
Scotsdale = Outs hell
Hale Erwin = Ale err win
Morels = More ells (The mushroom)
Quarterback stoop = Quart err back stoop
Pole sitter = Hole it err
Laurence Welk = Lower in well
Web free net = Web he et
A lighter shade of pale = A I err ade of a ale
Donald Leeper = Don all leap her/ On nulled he err
Primrose place = Rim rose lace/ Him rose ace
Fred Musberger = Head must err gerr
Moppit stadium = Mop pit stayed he yum
Lethal injection = He hell in ecck ton
Mother hen = Other in
Fred Musburger = Head us err gerr
Alix Boxworth = Ale licks box worth
No fear = No ear
Black river = Lack river
Fillet of fish = Fill lay of fish
Separation of church and state = Sup err a ton of err and ate
Lorenzo Llamas = Hore in so am us
Honey glazed nuts = On he lazed nuts/ On he a nut
Conjuctavitus = On junked ah fight us
Ambersill = Am burr sill
Anhieser bush = Ann high is her bush
Androgenous = An draw gin us
Taipay = Type "A"/ Type hay/ Tie pay/ I pay
Abdual Careem Jabar = Have duel cur reem jab are
Cinnabar = Sin a bar
Kalamazoo = Kale Llama zoo
Frequent flyer = Freak went fly err
Dilate = Dye hell ate
Oil spills = Oye ill ill's
Hemorrhoids = Him more hides
Rock bottom = Rock Bought Tom
Furry freak brothers = Furr he freak bro errs
Rendezvous = Rend is voce
Rent a wreak = Wren tae wreak
Cow Cills = Ow ills (the singing group)
Slip knot = Slip not/ Lip hot
Catechism = Cat teck kiss um
Zodiac = Zoo de yack/ Zoo de ax
Zechariah = Sack are rye ah/ Zack car eye ah/ Sack ah rye ah
Ezekiel = Ease Zeek keel/ Easy key yell
Harry Bellafante = Air he bell a faun tae
Mesoe = Me sew
The pit and the pendulum = The pit and the pen do um
Rasberry zinger tea = Has air he zing err he
Bendbow inn = Bend bow in
Cracker jack = Crack err ax
Morton Downy = More ton down he
Family snap shot = Am he snap hot/ Am he nap shot
Gun issue = Un is you
Golden glove award = Gold in glove a hard/ Old in love a warred
Betty Baker = Et he acre/ bet he ake err
Chickowa Casino = Check go ah cuss seen know
Turkey Jerky = Turk he jerk key/ Turk key jerk he/ Turkey jerk key/ Turk key jerkey/ Turk he jerkey/ Turkey jerk he (When I ran)
Snail mail = Snail ail/ Ail mail/ Son ail mail
Teriyaki = Terry yucck he/ Tear he yucck he/ Air he yack he
Hail Mary = Ail air he
Chicken fat = Icck in hat
Owl cove = Ow wool go/ Ow will hoe
Wind in the willows = Wind in the will owes
Petaluma = Petal loom ah/ Peddle loom ah/ Pedal loom ah
Cashews = Cash shoes
Put the pedal to the metal = Put the peddle to the meddle
Gun shy = Gun I
Librarian = Lie brae err re in
Captain Jack = Cap ten ax
Trigger happy = Trig gerr happy
Gatteling gun = Cattle in gun
Diabolical = Die ah ball icck cull/ I a all icck hell
Eurba Buena = He your bub way na
Diablo = Dee hob low
Yom Kippoor = Yum cup poor/ Yum key poor/ Yum Kipp poor
Tarantula = Tar ran chew la / Tar ran jewel ah
Willy Nilly = Will he nill he/ Will he ill he/ Ill he nill he/ ill he ill he
Willy Wonka = Ill he on ah
Ebaneezer = Ebb and he is err/ Ebb and knees err
Classic case = Ass icck ace
Silly puddy = Sill he pud he
Cruse ship = ruse hip
One fell swoop = One fell - swoop
Bury my hart at wounded knee = Bear he my hart at who in did knee
Amazing rhythm aces = Am maze sing rhythm ace is
Manipulation = Man nip you lay shun
Hubble space program = Hub bull ace pro am
Crocodile Dundee = Crock owe dial done Dee/ Crock owe die hell done he
Bird mans nut cracker = Heard man's nut ax her
Feather forest walker = Heather for is walk her
Owl cove = Ow will go
Art Linkletter = Hart link letter/ Hart link let her
Henry Mancini = An he man seen knee/ An he man see in he
Shadow boxing = Shad owe boxing/ Had owe ox in
Shadrach Meshack and Abebnego = Shad rack me shack and Habib Knee go
Tipperrairy = Tip her rare he/ Tip her air he
Iffel tower = I fill tow err/ I fell ow err
Fred Istare = Read his stare
William Pickering = Will yum pick her ring
William Golding = Will yum holding
William Puckering = Will yum Puckering
Lord of the flys = Lord of the lies
Gold dust = Old dust
Ace of all spades = Ace of all aids
Make the best of it = Ake - the best of it
Have it your way = Half it our way
Conflicting comments = On flick in come men
Stick in the mud = Icck in the mud
Longevity = Long have it he
Animal mutilation = An a mull mute tell lay shun/ An a mull mew tee lay shun/ / An a all you "T" lay on
Colen care = Hole in care
Animal sacrafice = An a mull sack a ice
Jewish lightening bolt = You wish light ten in bowl
Epic cap = Up pick cap/ Up icck cap
Emaciated = He may see ate did
Hail Erwin = Hell err win
Kimbell James = Him bell aims
Less is more and more is less
William James = Will yum aims
Anachronism = Ah knack crone is um/ A knack roan is um = (Was very hard to figure out)
Cancel = Can sell
Slaughter house five = Sell laud err house five
Hopi prophecy = Hope he pro fuss see
Ebaneezer Scrooge = Ebb ban knees err scrooge/ Ebb in he is err you
Tumultuous = To mull too us
A margin of safety = A mar in of a "T"
Smelt = Some melt
Profound = Pro found
Konietchewa = Con each he wa/ Own itch he ah (A Taiwanese word)
Intrepid = In trip hid
Heraldo Raviera = Air all oh he air ah
Conjure = Con you are
Condescending = Con he sending/ On he ending
Impetuous = Him pet chew us
Continuity = Con tin new it he/ On in new it he
Vendetta = Vend debt ah/ In debt ah/ In dead ah
Porcupine = Pork you pie in
Laurance Willerby = Hore in will err be
Lourance Sleshinger = Hore in less in err
I pee freely = I he free he
Elemental = Element tell
Abtuse = Have you
Abshire = Have hire
lightening bolt = lighten ing bolt (A little later while riding bicycle, I saw Dick Abshire cutting wood and he was lifting bolts of logs to be split. It took me a while to recognize it was him. This means that they already knew he was there.)
Emily Dickenson = Him ah he dick in son
Cauterize = Caught her eyes/ Cought err I is/ Cought err - eye is (When talking to my brother in law about very bad hemorrhoids. He is a doctor, and he said they cauterize them. Later they (aliens) gave me the word again, and made me hear the riddle. There is a riddle in so many words.
L. Ron Hubbard = Hell on who heard
Theosophy = See us so fee (Means the doctors fee)
Cauterize = Cought err I is (They gave theosophy right after I typed about cauterize. Now they gave cauterize again, as a clue.
Sacraligious = Ax ah ledge us
Agent orange = A gent hore range
Pyramid power = Peer amid pow err (When I was at the library looking at a book on pyramid power, and a girl happened to be peering through the book shelf at me.)
Winchesters = In chest airs
Tony Hillerman = Oh he hill her man (When I saw the really big guy talking to the girl at the goodwill store.)
Limited access = Him et did acck says/ Him et did ax says
Ah docka toowh = A talk a to ah (Have vaguely heard this a few times, after they give messages that answer my thoughts.)
Hurry up before the sun goes down = Err he up he or the sun goes down (I heard this when riding home on bicycle.)
Sistene chapel = Is he in a hell
Barry Manilo = Air he man ill low (When I stopped to put air in tire)
Mercy killing = Err he killing
Brake fluid = Break - - fluid (Is a break in the line and is leaking)
One cracky character = One crack he care icck err
Antediluvian world = An he ill you he in world
Rise to the top = Eyes to the top
Acidawfuliss = Acid awful - - less (When thinking bad thoughts)
Lightening Hopkins = High ten in hop kin's (Is a black musician)
The Walton experience = The wall ton X spear he in
Rise above abject poverty = Rise above abject ah err "T" (Heard this when pondering my lifestyle. There must be a double meaning.)
No rules = No - - - - rules
A million dollars = A mill Lee on doll lures/ A ill he on all errs/ Am ill he on all heirs
Hair ball = Air all/ Hair all/ Air ball
Heavy Metal = Have he et hell
Choleric = Coller icck
Colexico = Oh X icck go
Placebo effect = Place he bow effect/Us see bow effect/ Plus he owe effect
Run the gauntlet = / Run - - - - - - the gauntlet/ Run - the gaunt et
Rock art = Rock are
Hubert Humphry = You err hump free
Foo man chew = Who man who/ You man you
Chicken and dumplings = Chick in and dump
Chicken catchatorie = Chicken catch it tore he/ Hick in hatchet tore he
Nuro Surgeon = You row sir - in
Jerry Springer = Air he - spring her